arrow_backCURSOS IT 173 cursos encontrados.
  Referencia Nombre Horas Exámen
Software Development Docker y Kubernetes 20
Software Development Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure 16
IT Management EFFECTIVE LEARNING: How to learn differently to remember more 9
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-104T00 Microsoft Azure administrator 20 AZ-104
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-300T01 AZ-300T01-A: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure 6 AZ-300
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-300T02 AZ-300T02-A: Implementing Workloads and Security 6 AZ-300
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-300T03 AZ-300T03-A: Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions 6 MS Azure Architect Technologies
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-300T04-A AZ-300T04-A: Creating and Deploying Apps 6 AZ-300
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-300T06-A AZ-300T06-A: Developing for the Cloud 6 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-301T01-A AZ-301T01-A: Designing for Identity and Security 6 AZ-301
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-301T02-A AZ-301T02-A: Designing a Data Platform Solution 6 AZ-301
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-301T03-A AZ-301T03-A: Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration 6 AZ-301
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-301T04-A AZ-301T04-A: Designing an Infrastructure Strategy 6 AZ-301
Systems & Infraestructure AZ-900T00-A AZ-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 15 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Software Development CC2020 Webinar Cambio de paradigma: Java SE8 3
Systems & Infraestructure MD-100T00-A MD-100T00-A: Windows 10 25 MD-100
Systems & Infraestructure MD-101T00-A MD-101T00-A: Managing Modern Desktops 25 MD-101
Systems & Infraestructure MS-100T00-A MS-100T00-A: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services 25 MS-100
Systems & Infraestructure MS-101T00-A MS-101T00-A: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security 25 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-200T01 MS-200T01-A: Understanding the Modern Messaging Infrastructure 15 MS-200
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-200T02 MS-200T02-A: Managing Client Access and Mail Flow 15 MS-200
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-200T03 MS-200T03-A: Managing Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery 15 MS-200
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-201T01 MS-201T01-A: Defining a Hybrid Messaging Strategy 15 MS-201
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-201T02 MS-201T02-A: Managing Messaging Security, Hygiene, and Compliance 15 MS-201
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20339-1 MS 20339-1A: Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 25 70-339
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-20339-2 MS 20339-2-A: Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016 25 70-339
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20345-1 MS 20345-1-B: Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016/2019 25 70-345
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20345-2 MS 20345-2-B: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016/2019 25 70-345
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20410 MS 20410-D: Installing and Configuring Windows Server® 2012 25 70-410
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20411 MS 20411-D: Administering Windows Server® 2012 25 70-411
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20412 MS 20412-D: Configuring Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services 25 70-412
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20413 MS 20413-C: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 25 70-413
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20414 MS 20414-C: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure 25 70-414
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-20537 MS 20537-B: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack 25 70-537
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20741 MS 20741-B: Networking with Windows Server 2016 25 70-741
Systems & Infraestructure MS-900T01-A MS-900T01-A: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals 6 MS900
Data Analytics TL-01104 Introducción a la Inteligencia Artificial 20
Data Analytics TL-01105 Introducción a R Lenguaje de los datos y estadística 20
Data Analytics TL-01106 Introducción a Deep Learning 20
Data Analytics TL-01107 Introducción a Machine Learning 20
Data Analytics TL-01108 Taller AIBIZFY: Descubre la IA en tu negocio
Software Development TL-01420 Desarrollo Apps Android 25
Software Development TL-01428 Introduction to Domain Driven Design 10
Software Development TL-01429 Introduction to Python 20
IT Management TL-24001 DevOps for Managers & Leaders 16
IT Management TL-24002 DevOps Fundamentals 16
IT Management TL-24004 Project Management Basics 16
IT Management TL-24006 Agile for Executives 8
IT Management TL-24007 Agile for Product Owners 16
IT Management TL-24008 PMP Exam Preparation: Based on PMBOK® Guide – 6th Edition 35 Project Management Professional (PMP®)
IT Management TL-24009 LEGO Serious Play
IT Management TL-24012 Management 3.0 16
IT Management TL-24016 Lean IT Foundation 16
Software Development TL01427 DevOps Fundamentals 15
Software Development TL01430 Node.js Software Development 15